Band For 2 Days WOW

2008-08-22 08:16:46 by PARASITIC-TOYs

Man i got banned for like 2 days thats gay......


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2008-08-22 08:20:19


You obviously got banned for a reason.


2008-08-22 08:32:56

I'm guessing it was Rucklo that banned you?
I'm not surprised, you're spamming the AF up pretty bad and breaking quite a few rules. It's lucky you only got 2 days. But hey, I figure you're just looking to get noticed more and accepted amirite? Anyways, you might want to tone down on the flaming a bit.
Don't take it too hard, see ya on the flip side!

PARASITIC-TOYs responds:

yea your WritersBlock and i will tone down and i guess i will see you on the flip side